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ProducerLife Sets its Sights on Becoming a Leading Force in the Music Industry

ProducerLife Sets its Sights on Becoming a Leading Force in the Music Industry


ProducerLife has extended its ever growing footprint in the music industry with the launch of their website. With over 5 million active #ProducerLife hash-tags being used on Instagram daily, the founder Tito Tahan says, “We developed the platform with the idea of helping emerging artists reach new heights through technology while maintaining artistic authenticity”. ProducerLife connects select artists and partner labels from around the world with dynamic resources to excel their growth in the music business.

Thought of as a space for content creators to learn, grow and build a foundational fan base, ProducerLife invites all musical enthusiasts to join in and support the movement. The company offers a propriety eco-system, combined with focused expertise and years of experience in building strong brands in the music industry. ProducerLife will give emerging artists the tools, capabilities and recourses needed to thrive in the active musically tech-driven era. Currently ProducerLife is open by invitation and requests only but encourages artists and labels to consider sending an invitation request.

By the summer of 2023, the platform will completely open up with unlimited full servicing for the content creator community. ProducerLife users will gain exclusive access to distribution, rights management, licensing, marketing, Web3 technology and even record and publishing deals. As a first-of-its-kind platform, with an extensive yet clear-cut roadmap, ProducerLife sets its sights on becoming a leading force in the music industry.

For more information about ProducerLife, to request an invitation, stay in the loop of upcoming milestones including special announcements about artists, partner labels, our national producer popup and more, please visit