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Powering The New Music Business

ProducerLife is a global end-to-end platform that monetizes content for recording artists and record labels. We facilitate music distribution, publishing, licensing, marketing, technology and rights management. It’s our unique differences that sets us apart as individuals, and our core values that binds us together as a family. ProducerLife proactively utilizes focused resources on serving our community to ensure diversity.

ProducerLife - Media Center

Media Center

Our tech eco-system offers a turnkey solution for artists and partner labels. We provide a complete multi-media center that directly services artists, and partner labels, that achieves goal oriented results. Via our proprietary tech, we can independently create, oversee and strategize ways to create content, automate options for creatives, disburse resources to monetize music in any media, while maximizing marketing efforts.

ProducerLife - Distribution


Our distribution content delivery reaches a worldwide audience. ProducerLife is a user-friendly platform that provides advanced distribution options to manage and distribute, audio & video catalogs. We connect to all major music & video stores, like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Tidal, Facebook, Youtube & Youtube Music, Shazam, TikTok and niche outlets.

ProducerLife - Publishing


We also offer exclusive publishing and administration deals with multiple rights management configurations. ProducerLife registers works with more than 60 global PRO’s and CMO’s, territories and types. Our eco-system collects earned revenue for our artists and partner labels, song writers and composition writers with robust analytics.

ProducerLife - Licensing


Our unique and creative licensing department directly services film, TV, ads, sports, radio, video games, tech and products. Our brand partnerships, industry relationships, assists our artists and partner labels with strategic licensing projects. ProducerLife creates full brand integrations, ensures minimal copyright claims, greater eligibility for global broadcast and memorable experiences.

ProducerLife - Record Label

Record Label

Our record label dept. partners with select artists and independent labels that we believe in. We offer tailored and flexible deals that can include support services via the ProducerLife eco-system and or advances. We help foster a collective culture of innovation and authenticity for our artists, tech programers, innovative entrepreneurs, introverted creatives, and influencers across the globe.

ProducerLife - Marketing


In an increasingly-cluttered marketing landscape, having a marketing plan and experience has never been more important. ProducerLife delivers, omni-present, data driven, geo-targeted, and machine learning marketing ploys. We put our global footprint to work with, localized support, proprietary technology, promotional expertise, and smart analytics to deliver marketing solutions to creators who are producing brands worldwide.

ProducerLife - B. I. Technology

B.I. Technology

We have a dream and strong desire to enrich people’s lives through the power of technology. We build technology that inspires creators of all genres to continue producing world changing ideas. Our proprietary B.I. Technology offers development and support for; audio, visual, cloud computing, imaging and sensing, Web3 / A.I. / VR / NFT, API integration, safety & security implementation and professional private sectors.

ProducerLife - Resources


Nowadays the average creator needs to master many skills that are not directly related to creation. It's natural for creators to find themselves overwhelmed with an amount of tasks required to produce content. ProducerLife provides unique resources to help empower creators. The ProducerLife eco-system is designed to allow creators to do what they enjoy most, and thats producing more of the content they love.

ProducerLife features one of the largest vertically integrated libraries of licensing content and industry-leading production capabilities that power our streaming, digitally linear television & radio services. Through media tech integration and production assets, we bring together content creation, production capacity, intellectual property, global scope and financial resources to capture a massive market opportunity to serve our creator community internationally.